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Catholic Courtship

Courtship catholic is nothing but the means to search for a life partner with God's blessings. You must have thought of a marriage, but you don't really know who will be that chosen one. Well, God has already made the decisions for you by choosing him or her for you. When the time is right, that chosen one enters your life and leads you to a courtship catholic.

A marriage is forever. Hence, such a decision requires lot of thoughts. You need to check if the time is right, if you have enough finances and most importantly, if God is with you.


What is Courtship catholic?


Courtship catholic is a courtship that takes place under God's guidance. You may come across several people in your life, which may seem like a prospective bride or a groom for you. But the alliance takes place only when the Almighty is with you. Under his keen guidance, enters your prince charming or your dream girl. When your mind and spirit matures and you seem to be ready to enter into the holy alliance, God sends the right person to your life. This is when you and the known stranger get into a courtship catholic with God's presence and his wishes.

Beginning of courtship catholic:

Catholic courtship begins when you are mentally, physically and spiritually ready to enter into a different world of relationships. A marriage leads to a whole web of relationships with different people apart from your spouse. When you and God connect with each other and agree to the idea of a life long relationship, you are ready for a Catholic courtship.

Preparation behind Catholic courtship:

You must be wondering what is needed to enter into a Catholic courtship. To walk into a courtship catholic, some preparations are required. You need to be in a spiritual state of mind, in order to take a courtship and a marriage affair seriously. To enter into a holy marital life, one needs to be prepared in all ways. If you are earning well, or some of your friends are getting married, cannot be the reason for you to walk into a catholic courtship.

The Catholic faith itself teaches and talks about the sacredness of the marriage. Marriage is a relationship which must be entered only when you are prepared for it. Just like the other six sacraments, marriage is also important and must be taken seriously. As per Pope John Paul II in Familiaris Consortio, the Church guides and helps in knowing the real purpose behind a sacred marriage. Even while the marriage ceremony is conducted, the Church and the priest tell the bride and the groom about the reason behind the marriage alliance and the spiritual connection to it. The promises or the oath also has the spiritual touch to it which indicates the presence of Catholic faith in it.

Apart from all this, a mental preparation is also required before you enter into a catholic courtship. You must decide on the qualities which you would want in your future partner. The practical requirements like finances, etc too much be taken care of before entering into a marital alliance.

If you find the person fit to be a husband/wife and future father/mother, you can certainly move on with a courtship catholic. A courtship catholic is like the staircase which leads you to a successful marriage with that chosen one.