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Casual Dating Tips and Advice

To know someone better or choose a perfect mate, casual dating is the best thing to do. You can know each other better this way before going for commitments. It may take place among known people like friends or unknown people. Physical intimacies may or may not be a part of such casual dates. Such meetings have no bindings though they are serious in content. Often, casual dates are set up to introduce the proposed bride and groom in modern day. This is where they are left alone to explore each other’s likes and dislikes and know each other well. Before going on a relationship too, people are opting for this measure. Having such a date, rules out compatibility issues as you already know the person and his/her choices.

Advantages and disadvantages of Casual Dating

Casual dating is followed by its own pros and cons. Some of the advantages attached to this kind of meeting are:

  1. You get to know the person in advance.
  2. You can spend quality time with the person.
  3. There is no pressure in terms of commitments and promises.
  4. You can choose to tell the truth if you are planning to go for a long term relationship.
  5. You may be yourself and not pretend.
  6. You will be free from any binding.
  7. Expectations are less from such a meeting.
  8. Such dates are more real than pretentious.

Just like advantages, there are certain disadvantages too with casual dating method. Some of these include:

  1. The meetings may be too casual to build a base for serious relationships.
  2. There may not be second chance of yet another date with the person as the decision is made.
  3. Often, casual dates are arranged with physical intimacies in mind. If you are ok with it, you can go ahead but if not, such dates are disastrous.
  4. Such dates as the name suggests, are not taken seriously in many cases.

Casual Dating Tips

You certainly have something in mind when you are going for such a kind of date. No matter what the aim is, you can take note of some of the tips that will help you have a memorable date.

Talk well: Talking is the best way to communicate your likes and dislikes. This also helps you to convey your feelings and know your date well. Talking is the perfect means to start of a date well and end it with a good note.

Number Game: After striking a good conversation and knowing your date well for sometime, you can now ask his/her contact number. If you like your date and would like to meet him/her again in near future or have a relation, this phone number comes in handy.

Practice Honesty: Being honest is the best thing to do when on a casual date. Faking is a strict no-no when you may be meeting the person for the firsts and last time or may be creating bonds for life. Be honest and let your gestures do the talking.

Take the person out: Going out is the best thing to do when on a casual date. Choose a quite location so that you both can talk properly.

Be clear: Talk clearly and so as to express your intensions. Tell your date about yourself and hide nothing. This will either make or break the foundation for future relationship.

Pay respect to your date: This is one of the most important things to do. Respect your date and let the person feel comfortable in your company.

A casual date can either lay the foundation for your future relationship or end the matter then and there.

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