Funny Romantic Quotes and Sayings

Romance is perhaps the most important spice of your love life. Sometimes, just for a change of taste, you can add a pinch of humor to the romance. Get going with some funny romantic quotes to induce a little bit of wit, a little bit of humor that always creates magic.

It lightens up the mood and brings your loved one closer. So if you want to make your loved one smile and get romantic at the same time, try some popular romantic quotes and just see the magic.

Blending romance with humor is not an easy task. It needs creativity and a lot of feeling. But the effect that it will have on your loved one is totally worth the effort. Romantic quotes alone can make your loved one feel special. If you can blend in a little humor to your romantic quotes, it takes the effect to a whole new level.

The day might have been a hard one for your special some one. He or she is tired, upset from the hard day's tiring work; stir up some romantic lines, infused with a little humor and witness how your special person smile away all the tiredness of the day.

Funny Romantic Lines


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