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Romantic Quotes for Her

The women of your life is very special, make her feel more special by putting words to your heartfelt emotions through some romantic quotes for her. Take her on a sail on the boat of love; catch her fancy with quotes of love. Sweep her off her feat; make way for romance in your love life as you go on a romantic drive with sayings of love by your side.

Watch that twinkle in her eyes, catch that smile on her face and witness the happiness in her face as she gets to unfurl every emotion of your love as you put it through romantic quotes. Love quotes never fail to create its wonder or wave the magical wand of love in your girlfriend's life. Break every emotion of her, be it anger or sad and turn it into love by delivering some of the popular quotes of romance.

Sweet Romantic Quotes For Her

Browse through our collection of best romantic love quotes for her of all time. Speak your heart out with any of these romantic quotes for her and make her feel on top of the world. Create an emotional symphony by dedicating these special romantic quotes. We are very sure these quotes will be of immense help in creating a magic in your love life.
  1. There is a bond that we share. I love our pillow fights, our winter hangouts, our tea time and when you are not around, life seems stagnant.

  2. Love is, when you smile at me with that spark in your eyes. For me, you are a piece of paradise. I am so in love with your smile.
  3. I think we have met somewhere before, i feel there is some connection that we share and we have bonded afore.

  4. Do you know what is love? For me, love is laughing, crying, joking and having food TOGETHER.

  5. For Her
  6. If you think love is all about constantly gazing at each other, you are sadly mistaken. Love is looking at something together in the same direction.

  7. If two people wish to be together, there is nothing which can set them apart. Be it the distance, time or misunderstandings.

  8. Though we know we are meant to be with each other, but sometimes, distance is required to make the love grow. Baby we are just falling apart to be together once again.

  9. We are two hearts joined together by friendship and united by love forever.


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