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Famous Romantic Quotes

Romance is the blood that keeps the heart pumping with love and that joins the two hearts of lover into one. Romantic Quotes perfectly carve out the deepest emotion of heart and the passionate desire of love.

Board the train of romance that runs on the track of love with some popular quotes of romance as your accompaniment. Quotes of love that expressers the undying love and passionate desire have always come to the help of love smitten couple. Nothing can beat the expression of love and romance than the finest words of literature.

Deliver the beautiful love quotes and witness the wonders it creates; attach the quotes on romance as love notes on gifts and see the magic it spells over your love life.

Famous Romantic Lines

Quotes of love since ages have immortalized the emotion of love and the very feeling of being loved. Convey the thoughts of love and how the feeling of love completes an individual with the following quotes:


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