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Past Relationship Quotes

You look back to the past and wonder what went wrong. Or ask God why he took this all away from you. Maybe it is to make you look ahead, at the opportunities knocking at your door, which you steadfastly refused to see.

Past relationship quotes are to help you move on, while cherishing the sweet moments which refuse to part ways with you. But past relations are meant to be forgotten.

Look up these past relationship quotes, when you are in doubt, want to give it another chance or when you want to convince your current partner that he/she is the one for you.

  1. Dont regret if someone you love someone and he leaves you in mid way. Its better to be with those who love you for you are and not for what you can do for them.

  2. Nobody regrets about past. Everyone regrets about the time and emotions they wasted by being with wrong people.

  3. Its difficult to forget someone you love and move on. But at the end of the day, its your life, make the best out of it. Always remember, you are God’s special child.

  4. Days will pass and turn into years, but i will always remember you as a silent tear. I just want you to come back in my life and keep me forever near.

  5. All of us have that incomplete story in our heart which gives us sleepless nights and fails to make our days bright. Past haunts!

  6. The moment you will find that someone special who is always there is with you in all the walks of life, you will realize why it didn’t worked out with anyone else.

  7. When people walk away from your life, let them do that. God have better plans for you and your destiny is not tied with someone who left you in the middle.

  8. I am too valuable to chase someone who does not know my worth and to keep waiting for someone who doesn't acknowledge my value.

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