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Relationship Quotes & Sayings

Love is blind, love is deaf and love is also something that makes you complete. Every relationship has cherished moments filled with laughter and joy, as also moments of tense fights and tears.

That’s what makes a relation so special and your partner impossible to be without. Relationship quotes are for these ups and downs.

It celebrates the moments which makes up for the wonderful journey that we call life. Whether you are tense or happy, confused or blessed; these relationship quotes will bring joy to you, just by letting you know that you are not alone.

Quotes about Relationships

  1. I dont care about not knowing the destination, because we are moving in the same direction, I love the fact that we are not “you and me” anymore, its the magic of togetherness that draws everyone’s attention.

  2. Please open the knots of your heart and all those layers that keep us apart. Baby, let us be the flavour of this season, don't leave me aloof without any reason.

  3. I don't mind walking with you on a long misty road ahead, because, i know there are some conversations which are still going on in your head. i feel we need some time alone to discuss things that are still unheard and unsaid.

  4. Let your heart beat freely and undaunted, i know the bells of love are ringing in your mind, which is making your life enchanted, there is a some spiritual vibe that we share, this is what keep us always connected.

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  6. As i wake up from your dreams, i am always uncurled in your memories and entangled in your thoughts. All i want is to be forever in your life, because you can't leave me distraught.

  7. We could never be together and whole, because we are two bodies one soul. Even if darkness surrounds, i know, our love is something which is out of bounds.

  8. You are the body and i am your shadow, I am the error and you are the power to let go. Life seems so perfect with you, i don't know what would i do if someday i lose you!

  9. You are the radiance of dawn, you are the rawness of dusk, You have been the echo of my breath from the start, that joyous peacock which dances in my heart.


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