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You Never Stop Loving Someone Quotes

There are times in your life that you have to make a difficult decision or choice and choose between the things you have and the things that you need, in the process of taking these decisions, one sometimes has to make a hard choice and let go of the things that mean a lot like love.

Letting go of something as important as love can never be easy, sometimes things do not work out according to plan and what ensues can only be described as heartache, and one cannot deny the fact that when we do fall in love and have to call it off, we never really stop loving that special someone, we might try to deny and try to forget, but that really never happens.

So for the bittersweet symphony that love can play we have for you quotes that will make you remember that special someone and sure play on the nostalgic tone for you, so keep reading and immerse yourself in the memory of beautiful times.

  1. "No matter how far you are and apart we may be, there is nothing in the world that can stop me from loving you, you may be the one to say that it has ended, but for me it still lives on, I’m in love with you still, and can’t ever stop."

  2. "You told me that you’d love me forever, and then you said it was over, now I’m left empty, alone in my puddle of tears, but I still love you like I always have, I’ve waited for you and I always will."

  3. "Whenever you will need me I’ll be there, when you’re broken and alone I’ll still take your hand, for you may have moved on and found somebody new, but I here I am I still pine for you. I will never stop loving you."

  4. "No ocean can hold the amount of tears I’ve cried for you, I’ve loved you as much as one probably can and I will always continue to do so, you might have left me and moved on, but I’m still here, waiting, like I have all along."

  5. "If you really loved me, why did you have to leave me, I can’t even try to find somebody, because I’m in love with you still, and all I want is to have you come back into my life again, I miss you more that you will ever know."

  6. "Sometimes I think that maybe you’ll never know it, because I’ll never be able to show it. It hurts so much, my broken heart, it was one with yours and now we’re apart. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night hoping to find you next to me, then I realize it’s all just a dream."

  7. "All I want are not too many things, I just want you to come back to me and be by my side, you are the love of my life and now that I’m without you, I realize how much I miss you and I just can’t stop loving you."

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