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When Love Gets Hard Quotes

The road to love is not an easy one; there are enough bumps and roadblocks along the way that can make the journey truly difficult at times. Though no one denies the amazing feeling that being in love is, it also undeniable how less a time it takes for things to become horrendous rather than, the rose tinted beauty that love brings with it.

When having one of those days when the going get quite an uphill climb, we have for you quotes for the days when Love gets hard; you can use them to express your emotions to the one you love, or for times that you want to muse privately, they are the kind that will help you through those tough days, and give you strength, respite, consolation and a moment of introspection.

So wait for nothing more much longer and shun away the moody blues with our quotes.

  1. "True Love is hard, it is difficult to come by and when you do finally have it, it’s difficult to maintain. There are trials and tribulations but of you can make it through, then it is the best, the most rewarding feeling ever."

  2. "They say that Love is one of the best and the worst things that can happen to you, but if the good outweighs the bad then you can be assured that you are going to have the most amazing ride of your life; the secret is to just hang in there."

  3. "They say that Love is an uphill climb, but the view from the top is an amazing one, so when life deals you a short hand, you can try to make the most of it and must hang in there; things can always get better."

  4. "True love means having to make sacrifices and compromises along the way, for you know that a life of obstinacy would be a hurtful and lonely one, so no matter how difficult things may seem, do not forget that they would be a lot worse if there was no love around."

  5. "There are times when it may feel like, love is a futile thing and that you are better off without it, but you need to keep in mind that it is one of the most amazing experiences and bountiful blessings of life, so hang in there and cherish it."

  6. "I will be your strength when it gets difficult, I’ll be the light that your life needs when times are rough, I will be the hope that you need whenever things may seem dismal, all I need from you in return is to love and be there with me regardless."

  7. "Thank you for staying even if you had very reason to leave, you have been my strength through all the darkest nights, and my silver lining when clouds of trouble made it too difficult to see, I love you and you mean the world to me so just hang in there and let love help us make it through all our hardships."

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