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Sad Love Quotes For Her

It is believed that guys seldom fall in love, but when a guy actually falls for a girl, he can never leave her till he dies. Alas! Not every guy is that lucky to get a girl who will also give away her everything for him.

Guys can go to any extent to get the girl they love, provided the girl feels alike, which is not always the case. Hence many of them experience lots of pain and anguish in their life from the person they have loved so much. Usually men say I love you to many women but there are very few lucky women for whom they actually mean it.

Are you a guy with similar experiences? Is the girl for whom you were ready to leave everything, has left you? Here are few quotes which will sound similar to your situation. Read on to know in greater details.

  1. "I loved a girl from the bottom of my heart, and she left me all of a sudden. I will ask her to give me my heart back, I will crush it into pieces because no one can ever stay there now."

  2. "I will now live without you, I will now take the venom of life being without you, and how does it matter if one small heart is broken on earth?"

  3. "You walked out of my life without giving me a reason. Why could not you stay there?"

  4. "Tear my heart into pieces, you will still find your lovely picture inside it."

  5. "Give me some poison, I will take it with a smile, give me any pain, I will bear it with a smile, but I cannot live my life without the girl whom I loved."

  6. "I will always remember the girl whom I loved, because she was the one who taught me how to remain alive with a heart broken into pieces."

  7. "Loving her wasn’t a mistake, being unable to forget her, surely is."

  8. "I always wonder about how strange love is, sometimes it makes your world cheerful and colorful, and sometimes it makes your world come to an end, when the person you had fallen for leaves you without reasons."

  9. "You meant the world to me, and I never was a part of your imaginations as well."

  10. "I cannot recognize my heart now, one day it was filled with love from you, and now it is filled with sorrow and pain from the same person."

  11. "I couldn’t even nightmare that the girl whom I loved so deeply can ever hurt me so hard."

  12. "It is my bad luck; I could never be deep inside your heart, whereas you run like blood in me."

  13. "Though you don’t love me anymore, there will always be a soft corner for you in my heart, because you made me realize how it beats."

  14. "Let me cry because you have left, I hope my every tear comes back to you as a smile."

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