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One Sided Love Quotes

Every one of us must have fallen in love at least once in life time. But unfortunately, not everyone is as lucky as those who get love in return. For some people love ends at one side and never reaches to the other person.

There are many reasons for that, for example when the person is unable to communicate it to the other, or even after it is communicated, a negative answer is returned. However, love is such a strong emotion that even if it is one sided, it can be as deep as it could be had it been accepted by the other side.

If you are someone who is smitten by a person who is oblivious about the series of emotions you are going through right now, go through these quotes. You will find some solace within and feel good, as it is not very easy for you to love a person without reciprocal reactions.

  1. "I don’t have any problems if you do not love me, love is all about giving without any expectation, and hence I don’t need love in return. My love alone is enough to compensate for both."

  2. "You may not love me in return, though I love you from the core of my heart. But you can’t stop me from loving you throughout my life."

  3. "One sided love if pure is stronger than mere infatuations that exist between immature hearts."

  4. "It is difficult to bear the pain of the fact that you love the person selflessly but he/she doesn’t care of you a little."

  5. "You don’t need to love me in return, you don’t need to show the concern, all you need to do is to let me love you and care for you till the last breath I take."

  6. "Love is the strongest emotion that resides in a heart, so what if it does not reach to other, at least one heart is being flooded by this supreme feeling!"

  7. "Though you don’t love me today, I have full confidence in my love. I know there will come one day when you will realize the warmth of my love and feel the passion that everyday churns my heart out. I shall wait for the sun to rise on that day and with the new ray of the sunshine, you will be within my arms with a new feeling."

  8. "Love is all about giving; it is never demanding or forceful. So is mine for you. I want you to understand the feelings of my heart which I try to convey every day through my eyes to you. I am sure when you will feel it completely; you cannot stay away and be mine for ever."

  9. "I know you don’t love me and I don’t have any regrets for that. The reason is, when I had fallen in love with you I never had this condition that you will also fall for me. My love is and will unconditional and pure."

AAPOD : 03/04/2013

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