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Never Thought I Could Fall In Love Again Quotes

A lot of times when we face disappointment in our first love affair, we take a decision never to do the same mistake of falling in love again. However, one cannot escape falling in love again if this is what the destiny has in store.

Strange are the ways in which love works. It can come when you least expect it and do not need it and also abandon your life when you most want it to stay. Such is the paradox of love often faced by lovers at some point of their lives. Love does not inform you and come in your life but it just happens and you realize much later when it is too late for you to avoid harboring feelings for someone.

If you have also faced such a situation where you have fallen for someone when you actually thought you could never be in love then you could dedicate “Never Thought I Could Fall In Love Again Quotes”. Here are some of these sweet quotes:

  1. “My faith from love was all shaken
    When heart was broken with someone’s failed promises
    And empty words
    When truth was discovered and trust was breached
    I though I could never fall in love again
    But Then You Came Along To Give Me Love Again
    To Show that life is beautiful only when filled with love
    To make a stronger person
    And to help revive the broken faith.”

  2. “I could never imagine myself falliong for someone again after my first attempt failed
    But now that you are there I know there is no chance for failures to come in my love life.”

  3. “Thinking that love does not deserve a second chance in my life was a misconception
    You changed my idea and showed that a second chance is worth the risk taken.”

  4. “Do not be afraid to open your heart to love
    Even though you have failed in it once
    Because it can do every wrong thing right
    And Lead you To A Happy Life.”

  5. “Love was only a four-letter word that lost its meaning long back
    You came into my life and showed me that its more than a mere word
    Thanks for showing me the power that love wields
    The magic of turning everything from negative to positive
    It is you who have made me find a meaningful existence with your love.”

  6. “My world crumbled when my love left
    But you helped me bring the pieces together
    To give me a life beautiful and meaningful
    To show me that love can rekindle the doused flames of happiness and passion
    And could ignite the spark back into life.”

  7. “I see a bright beautiful side of love and life everyday
    In contrast to the days gone by
    When my vision was clouded
    Because of someone’s breach of trust
    When I refused to put faith in love
    Because of a wounded heart
    When darkness was all that filled my world
    Because of a lack of loving heart
    But you have changed it all
    And Now I Am In Love With You.”

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