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Never Ignore a Person Who Loves You Quotes

Have you noticed a sudden change in the behavior of your loved ones? Facing an indifferent behavior from someone you love can be quite upsetting. It can tear your heart apart to get ignored by your dear one with whom you share a deep and passionate bond of love.

If your calls are going unattended or you are kept waiting during dates or meetings with your partner for no valid reason then you can safely assume that you are being ignored. Being ignored can someone you love can be a bad feeling but you can express your disappointment through words or quotes.

Dedicate ‘Never Ignore a Person Who Loves You Quotes’ to let your loved person know that you are saddened by his indifferent attitude and you would not like to be ignored. Tell someone how much you love him or her and you cannot bear to be neglected by them. Let these quotes express your immense feelings for the person whom you love but they do not care enough for you.

  1. “You will never know the extent to which I love you
    If you have known then you would have never ignored me the way you are doing now.”

  2. “Do not deny me your love because it is all I live for!”

  3. “I cannot live without you and you are my world
    If you ignore me then I do have any reason to be in this world.”

  4. “Loving you has given meaning to my life
    It has brought joys unlimited and showed me how lovely this world is!
    Your love has brightened up my day and nights
    Given me reason to smile through tears
    Do not take back this happiness by ignoring me and denying your love.”

  5. “I always thought that your love for me will last a lifetime
    But your behavior saddens me to no end and I want to know the reason for this change in your attitude.”

  6. “Delve deep inside me and you will know the amount of love my heart has for you
    It pains to see you ignoring me without explaining me my mistakes
    Come and tell me what I need to undo to win back your love.”

  7. “Sometimes when we are busy collecting the stones
    We overlook the precious diamonds lying between them
    So never ignore someone who loves you
    Because no one can give you more happiness than the one who can do anything for you.”

  8. “I only wish you could have known about my undying love for you.”

  9. “You might regret your decision to ignore me because as you move ahead
    You will find that there will be and has been no one
    Who can love you more than me!”

  10. “Life does not give us a second chance
    Therefore, realize before its too late
    Make the most of the little pleasures gifted to you
    See the concern for you in someone else’s eyes
    Find the ocean of love waiting to be unleashed by you
    Let your feelings of passion show before its too late
    And do not ignore the one who loves you with all their heart”

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