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Love Overcoming Obstacles Quotes

Love, the greatest feeling that a human being can have to be shared with the other, is itself very powerful to change lives. However it at certain times faces certain obstacles which make the lovers feel a bit shaky and hesitant.

It is again true that true love never gets affected by any barrier and even if it faces some, it has the power to overcome all hurdles to bring the true spirit back. The more obstructions come by, the more it motivates the lovers and strengthens the bond between them.

These obstacles also test the tenacity of love with its own parameters and true lovers never fail to overcome these temporary barriers in their love life. If you are in love with someone and are facing lots of hindrances in life, here are few quotes which will motivate you to fight back. Read on to know more and feel good.

  1. "True love is not like a fairy tale where everything is rosy. True love is all about facing the challenge and overcoming the hurdle to make life a bed of roses."

  2. "If you love someone deeply, and have the zeal to remain together, nothing can be an obstacle for that, as God Is with those who fall in love."

  3. "Love that has been tested through various hindrances and obstacles is pure and of the Divine level."

  4. "True love is like a bridge constructed between the hearts, no obstruction can break it ever."

  5. "If you really love someone, you can conquer all obstacles, and defeat all storms. True love deepens its colors as time goes by."

  6. "When you are in true love, don’t think of the obstacles to come your way. Believe in God and his power to save you from all odds in life, HE gives you the strength and courage to face all situations that is a threat for your love."

  7. "Stand by your love when the time is not right, he/she will overcome all hindrances with your support-after all that’s what love is all about."

  8. "True love needs to undergo lots of hurdles and obstructions to show that it is worthy of being true."

  9. "If your love is true, it will pass all the tests of time and emerge out to be with something that’s close to the almighty."

  10. "Nothing on earth can stop you if your truly love your partner. Love gives you that strength to face all hurdles of life, fights against all odds and still emerges out to be as beautiful as it was when it started."

  11. "Love is not about sharing good time together, it is not about entangling fingers when life seems to be beautiful, it is about holding hands when life thrashes you badly."

  12. "If your love is true, it will stand still even if it passes through storms. In fact that is how you can test how true your love is when you face the odd side of life."

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