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Love Advice Quotes

Love is the most beautiful feeling one can share with the other. they say when you are in love, you get connected to the divine power and HE acts as a savior of true feelings.

Many of us do not understand the inner meaning of falling in love and take it casually. Some of us do not even think of playing with emotions or handling love affairs with immaturity which makes it come to an end in no time. It is difficult to find a true love in life and once you find it, you must treasure it like a precious diamond as it will never knock your door once gone.

You need to be matured enough to handle the feelings of the other properly so that not a single gesture of yours makes him/her gloomy. Are you in a relationship? Go though these quotes as they will be good for your love life:

  1. "Never promise your lover something which you can’t fulfill. Nothing hurts in love more than break of trust and faith."

  2. "Choose your partner carefully if you wish to have a perfect love life. Beauty is just an external trait and can never act as fuel to run life. What matters in love is a heart that is filled with love for you because that will never die as long as it is alive."

  3. "If you love someone madly, don’t say “I LOVE YOU’” every day. Do something each day so that he/she believes that you really mean those three magical words. After all, actions speak louder than words."

  4. "It is wiser to spend your life for those who love you unconditionally. Never waste your feelings on those who only love you because the conditions were right for them."

  5. "Love is not only holding hands when time is right; it is about not leaving the hand when time is not right."

  6. "Don’t try to look for the perfect partner in love, invest your energy to be a one, true love will find its way to you."

  7. "Don’t yearn for someone because you love that person, look out for the person who yearns for you."

  8. "If a sorry and a sweet smile can turn back things to normal again after a huge fight, be rest assured, you have got a great partner in life."

  9. "Save your feelings for someone who touches your heart, save your smiles for the one who never brings tears to your eyes, save your love for the one who touches your soul and not your body."

  10. "Fall In love when you see the right spark in the eyes of the right person, don’t go for someone who takes the spark away from your eyes to make you cry."

  11. "Never force someone to fall in love with you, let the person go because as and when he/she comes back, be rest assured, he/she is now completely yours."

  12. "Love a person only for one reason, and let the reason be only love."

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