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Looking For Love Quotes

No one can escape from the magic of love on earth as this supreme feeling is embedded in your heart by the almighty. When the right person comes in front of you, the spark gets rekindled and love blossoms with its natural aroma.

Some of us are lucky enough to have got the right person in our lives but some are still looking for the same. You never know where will you get him/her, how will get him/her because falling in love is as unpredictable as life is. But, if you have not killed the feelings inside and have been nurturing them for a while, you will surely come across the right person who will feel alike and be your life partner.

Are you among those who are still searching for a sweetheart who will make your life beautiful with the warmth of love and affection? Read on and find how these quotes depict your story!

  1. "Don’t stop looking for the right person in your life, who knows he/she might be waiting for you in the next turn of life?"

  2. "Look at his/her eyes, you will find confidence, look at his/her behavior, you will find trust, look at his/her heart, and you will find love."

  3. "You don’t need to search the world to find the one for whom you will mean the world, the person will find you out when love is in the air."

  4. "If you have not fallen in love so far and still looking out for the person who will create those delightful sparkles in your heart, never worry. It is just the prayer of your future beloved so that you remain single for him/her."

  5. "No one can predict when you will meet the love of your life, but how long that person will stay in your life, is definitely in your hands."

  6. "Love is not looking for the perfect partner; it is all about creating and nurturing a perfect relationship with an ordinary human being."

  7. "Find a perfect partner for your life, who will say “I love you” every hour, kiss you every day, and be with you every moment of your life-whether good or bad!"

  8. "Don’t look for someone in life, who will solve all the problems you face, try to look for someone, who will not create one and remains by you when others create it."

  9. "A perfect partner will love you even you are imperfect, even if you have no money or fame, even if you are with ordinary looks. He/she will love you because you impress him/her the way you are. Find him/her and find the way to happiness forever."

  10. "It doesn’t matter whether you are the first person in his/her life or the nth, what matters is that you should be the last person in his/her life. Look for someone who loves you till the end."

  11. "Find someone who loves you for your inner beauty and not the external looks as the former stays but the latter dies."

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