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Living without Love Quotes

Even though some of us ,manage to find love in our lifetimes, sometimes we are unlucky enough to let it go, one can blame situations and circumstances for the lack of love and then before we know it, all is over and there is nothing that one can do about it.

The pain that one feels for having to live without love is one that can be quite brutal as it slowly and steadily, eats away the peace that we nurse inside and worse than that it also makes us skeptical about ever being able to find love again in our lives the kind that we once had and then lost.

So for all the wounded souls, who are living without love in their lives, we have for you a compilation of quotes that are sure to make you forget your pain or vent the way you feel, our quotes are bound to touch that innermost place in your heart and give you the respite that you’ve been looking for.

  1. "A life that has love may have its share of thorns, but living without love is a life where there can never have roses."

  2. "Love can be said to be the essence of what humans experience, having to live without love is comparable to a tree which bears no fruit. When love is something so intrinsic and important, without it what are we truly living for."

  3. "Living without love is like living in the shadow of how great things can truly be but are not."

  4. "Living without love is like living a year without summer or spring."

  5. "Living without love is like living upon a heap of ashes that lie abandoned on a deserted hearth, where the fire that once was is now dead and the laughter have grown still as the light that once surrounded the flames, have now too been extinguished."

  6. "Love is capable of giving eyes to see what the eyes are incapable of seeing without love."

  7. "Without having love in our lives, we are capable of feeling nothing, and accomplishing nothing."

  8. "People say that love is blind; however living without love is being blind, where the beauty of life cannot arrest your heart, where it once could when in love."

  9. "Living without love is leading an impossible life, for it is really hard to forget about love, Love is the most amazing feeling when you have it and once you lose it, you lose with it your hopes and dreams the kind that push us to live life in the best way that one can."

  10. "Once you do possess love in your life never let it go, for a life that one lives without love is the kind that is most empty."

  11. "A life without money can be one that is worth living but a living without love is a life that is not worth considering even."

  12. "Living without love makes you feel lost and drained, so once you have that love in your life do not ever let it go."

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