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Lasting Love Quotes

The greatest fear and the greatest elation about being in Love is the feeling of permanence that Love entails, for those who can find the lasting nature of love, nothing feels better, however for those who are not able to find it, the bitterness of a fleeting romance is something that can be best avoided.

However being the eternal optimists that humans are we want to believe in the permanence of love and constantly try to achieve and believe that love is that special feeling wherein, fairy tale endings, and happily ever after can come true.

So if you’re looking for quotes on Lasting Love and the eternal that all have heard of and few have experienced, or rather have been lucky to have in their life then look no further, for we have for you a compilation of quotes on Lasting Love that is sure to make you feel good and make being in Love an even special feeling for you.

  1. "Love that we are not able to sustain is the worst kind, for it is the one that lasts the longest, hurts the most and feels stronger than ever."

  2. "Love is not just the destination; it is the one that is a journey that takes a lifetime."

  3. "It is not above how much love we possess when we are at the beginning of a relationship; it is rather about how much love we did built till the end."

  4. "Let me love you as much as I can, if not till the rest of your life then at least till the rest of mine."

  5. "Love lasts long, not because it is destined to last long, but because, two people made a conscious choice, and they decided to work and fight for it as much and as hard as they can."

  6. "The one thing about love that lasts is that the one that you share it with will stand by you no matter what, will the end of their days."

  7. "All relationships are based on different foundations; the ones that last a lifetime are the ones that are built on trust, and honesty, the kind that merits conversations that are both open and true."

  8. "Never try to rush into love, because true love can never run out, let love come to you and knock on your door, for true love is something that you should really wait for."

  9. "Love lasts forever, for it is a state of being where it does not exist outside, but resides inside of you; it is something that you can never lose and something that will surely never leave you."

  10. "You were there by my side when I needed someone, who could wipe my tears and make me feel loved, so now that I have you, I want you to be mine forever and you are mine to keep till the end of time."

  11. "I want you to be that beat in my heart and not some tears that my heart sheds, as the beating of my heart will last as long as I live, while tears dry eventually."

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