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Jealous Love Quotes

Just like love, jealousy is an emotion that cannot be separated from the human being. Especially when a person is in love, jealousy somehow enters the scene.

You cannot stand the guy who tries to be close to the girl you date or you cannot tolerate some other girl to be with you man. This is normal, and it takes place because you want to be the only individual in your beloved’s life. Sometimes, people get jealous because other friends or even family members keep their love interests engaged.

This comes along with love and there are few people who can be indifferent to this matter. Some people also believe that if you are not jealous, then you are probably not in love or your love isn’t that deep as it should be.

Do you feel jealous as well when somebody tries to draw the attention of your honey? Here are few quotes to concentrate then:

  1. "I don’t know why I cannot bear the fact that someone else is with you irrespective of my presence or absence, I cannot stand that someone else is a part of your life when I am here for whom you mean the world, I cannot accept anyone else's presence in your life when I am there to offer my whole life to you. Am I in love?"

  2. "Sometimes when you are over caring or over protective towards your honey, it is mistaken to be jealousy, and sometimes when you are too much jealous regarding your beloved, it is mistaken as envy. At the end, it is love at the bottom of everything. I love you."

  3. "When I see those thousands of people beside you to make you happy, I really feel jealous. Why do you need someone when I am here? Then I find that there is a reason, there should be someone to wipe out your tears as well!"

  4. "Jealousy is a part of love, an indispensible one! How does it feel when you see your beloved roaming around with someone else when you are there to do the same!"

  5. "If too much caring is called being jealous, then I am happy to be so. The only reason is that I love you more than my life."

  6. "When you find a person being jealous in love, try to think the fact behind it. Can you see the pain he undergoes of being loved much lesser than what he gives to his beloved?"

  7. "More you love your honey; the more jealous you feel when someone else tries to be with your beloved."

  8. "Jealousy is like a tiger that not only tears his prey down but also shatters his own heart."

  9. "Don’t feel bad when I am jealous about you. It arises from the apprehension that lays within my heart along with your love- the fear of losing you."

  10. "I don’t find anything wrong in jealousy, because I am a little over possessive about those things which I call mine."

AAPOD : 03/04/2013

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