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Inspirational Love Quotes and Sayings

Love is a wonderful feeling and expression. People feel motivated when in love. A person who is in love feels like he/she is in a different world altogether. Love embraces the spirit of a person which makes the person feel elevated and elated. However, at times you may get tensed or stressed because of any problem in you relationship. Don't panic in such sitautions.

Read through our collection of inspirational love quotes and get that lively and highly motivated spirit back. Inspirational love sayings are a great source of drawing inspiration whenever you are feeling low. Give a boost to your confidence with these superb inspirational sayings on love by some of the most popular authors.
  1. Some people look for a window of opportunity. Some wait for the opportunity to knock on their door. What people should actually do it build the door, and keep it open. Opportunity will easily enter.

  2. Never regret the things you've done. Regret those you didn't do when you had your chance.

  3. At the end of our days the amount of love you have given in your life is the amount of love that you receive.

  4. Wandering does not show that you're lost. It just says you like to explore.

  5. Take a chance, make the plunge, true love just happens once in a lifetime, it is better to love and lose than to ponder about "What if?" all your life.

Here are some inspirational love quotes and sayings that can surely boost your morale. Gather some inspiration and motivation from these and send it across to your loved ones.


Love Overcoming Obstacles Quotes

  1. "True love is not like a fairy tale where everything is rosy. True love is all about facing the challenge and overcoming the hurdle to make life a bed of roses."

  2. "If you love someone deeply, and have the zeal to remain together, nothing can be an obstacle for that, as God Is with those who fall in love."

  3. "Love that has been tested through various hindrances and obstacles is pure and of the Divine level."

  4. "True love is like a bridge constructed between the hearts, no obstruction can break it ever."

  5. "If you really love someone, you can conquer all obstacles, and defeat all storms. True love deepens its colors as time goes by."


Being Inspired For Someone Special Quotes and Sayings

  1. "Being there for someone in need is one of the most important things to me. No one deserves to feel lonely."

  2. "Being able to be there for someone feels good."

  3. "I'm so sorry for not being there for you.. When you needed someone, the most. At your last time, your breathed."

  4. "Maybe...just maybe i need someone strong to be there for me, instead of being the one who needs to be strong and help others all the time."

  5. "Never thought being there for someone was a bad thing? Oh well life goes on. I'll just keep it moving like it was just nothing."

  6. "God has locked my destiny, and has told me that loving you is the key to unlock it."

  7. "When you kissed me on my lips, in a way you kissed my heart."

  8. "Loving someone can be a bane but being loved by someone is always a boon."

  9. "I was touched by love, the moment your shadow brushed past my face."

  10. "I feel strong, I feel steady, the moment I clutch my palm into yours."


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