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Italian Love Quotes and Sayings

If you are looking for an exotic foreign language, in which you can say ‘I love you’ to your loved one, love quotes in Italian are ideal for you.

Italian being one of the sweetest languages makes the love quotes in Italian ultra sweet which when dedicated to a loved one create a magical ambience.

The Italian love quotes and sayings are written and told by all famous personalities. So, if you are looking for a unique way to express your deepest sentiments these Italian love quotes and sayings will be of great help to you.

Famous Love Quotes in Italian

Mydearvalentine offers an incredible collection of love sayings in Italian which help you vent out your deepest feelings in the sweetest and most romantic way.


Short Italian Love Sayings

  1. per sempre - forever
  2. per sempre tua - forever yours
  3. mai soli - never alone
  4. per sempre insieme - forever together
  5. Luce mia - my light
  6. Tesoro mio - my treasure
  7. Vita mia - my life
  8. Senza fine - never ending
  9. Pazza di te - crazy for you
  10. Anima mia - my soul
  11. Ti amo - I love you
  12. Amo solo te - I love only you
  13. Sei incredibile - You're incredible
  14. Sei bellissima -. you're beautiful
  15. Sei la mia rosa - you are my rose
  16. Solo tua - only yours
  17. Solo tu - only you
  18. Vita mia - My life
  19. Per sempre - For ever
  20. Amore mio - My beloved
  21. Sei un dono - you are a gift
  22. Amore ti amo - I love you my love
  23. Ti adoro - I adore you
  24. Sei stupenda - you're fantastic

Romantic Italian Sayings about Love

  1. Tu sei l'unico per me - you're the only one for me
  2. Non posso vivere senza di te - I can't live without you
  3. Ti penso sempre - I'm always thinking about you.
  4. Sei il mio eroe - you're my hero
  5. Sono dipendente dei tuoi baci - I'm addicted to your kisses
  6. Sei la mia vita -You are my life
  7. Sei il migliore - you're the best
  8. io e te mai soli - you and me never alone
  9. io e te per sempre - you and me for ever
  10. Sei tutto cio' di cui ho bisogno - you're everything I need
  11. Sei tutto per me - you're everything for me
  12. Sei il mio incantesimo - you're my enchantment
  13. Tu sei il sole del mio giorno - you are the sunshine of my day
  14. Sono pazzo di te - I'm crazy about you
  15. Che cosa desideri? - What is your desire?


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