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He Loves Someone Else Quotes

Sometimes, luck just fails us in matter of love. It is not necessary that the person for whom we harbor soft feelings of love and warmth will reciprocate our feelings.

In fact, there are only a few people who can get back love in return of the feelings of affection they show for the person. A one-sided love affair can never bring happiness but it will always lead to disappointment, anger and frustration. One cannot force someone else to love them but they can certainly dedicate touching quotes to show their emotions. Are you in a situation where you love someone crazily but the other person does not hold the same feelings of love for you?

If yes then you can dedicate them “He loves someone else quotes” to show your feelings despite not getting back the same love in return. Send impressive lines to express your disheartening circumstance in a poetic way.

  1. “Wish for the best for the person whom you loving a lot even if you have to live with the sad reality of never having the chance to spend life with your love.”

  2. “It hurts to see my love with someone else but it is a reality that I soon need to come over.”

  3. “I have taken the risk of falling in love with you and exposing my true feelings despite knowing that the risk of not being loved in return is much higher.”

  4. “You can walk away from the things that you do not want to but it is difficult to stay away from the person you love even if you do not reside in his heart.”

  5. “The greatest pain in life is to face rejection in love from a person whom you idolize and for whom you can do almost anything.”

  6. “Losing the person you love to someone else cuts deeper than any knife and causes more wounds than any physical injury.”

  7. “It hurts a lot to know that the person you love so much can never be yours and even the thought of sharing a love life that could have been is hurting.”

  8. “Be wary when you give your heart to a person because along with your heart, you are also giving that person the power to hurt you.”

  9. “Let go off the person who does not hold the feelings of love for you because it cannot be forced upon someone. There is no point to holding on to someone who is never yours.”

  10. “It’s difficult to pretend that you do not love someone when you really do. Let him go and wish you will find someone fro whom you will not have to pretend anything but love him deeply.”

  11. “Some people are lucky enough to get love from the person they love but life is always not the same for everyone. What matters is how we let go off the person who does not hold the same feeling without turning bitter against him.”

  12. “The greatest pain is to say goodbye to someone you don’t want to let go. But it’s more hurting to ask that person to stay with you despite knowing that you can never make it work out the way it should be.”

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