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Happy Love Quotes

Being in love is one of the best feelings one can ever experience. Life begins to seem much more wonderful and worthwhile when we fall for someone. We seem to see the whole world through pink-tinted glasses and everything appears to be bright and full of life.

Such is the impact of love that it changes everything around us. We want to see even our partners very happy and try to do every possible effort to cheer them up. One way of making them smile and showing your love is by sending them happy love quotes. Send out some really beautiful sayings to make your love break into a sweet smile upon receiving your message.

In case your partner is upset with you then too you can refer to these happy love lines and brighten their day. Show them how much feelings you hold for them in your heart through these impressive quotes.

  1. “I feel sheer bliss when I curl myself up in your arms and can hear your heartbeats race..I want to stay in this heavenly state forever till the end of time…Make me yours forever.”

  2. “Without you I feel lost and meaningless…You are more important than the world to me and will always be.”

  3. “It feels miserable to stay apart from you even for a single day and imagining to spend the entire life without you is impossible for me.”

  4. “Color my world with love and unfading shades of passion.”

  5. “Knowing you had made me realize that there are much beautiful people than I could imagine and fall in love made me comprehend the true of existence.”

  6. “There is a dawning day for every long dark night and a shining ray for cloud-filled skies…You are my only shining light who can shine on me.”

  7. “No matter how far away I am from you, no borders, no miles can ever lessen the love I have for you in my heart.”

  8. “I feel free like a bird when I am with you and you give me the highest comfort when I am alone with you.”

  9. “When my heart is weak and soul is tired, I think of you and find solace in your thoughts.”

  10. “You give me the might to carry on despite the failures and the storms. Without you, I would have long gone and it is your presence around me that fills me up with hope despite the odds of winning. Thank you always for providing me mental support and encouragement to live each day and to see the beauty of life.”

  11. “I would like to wake up with you being next to me in order to enjoy the beauty of another day, another sunrise in my life.”

  12. “My mind keep turning to your thoughts when you are not around and when I am alone with you, you make me feel the whole world is there at my feet.”

  13. “Swear to me that you will never go away from my world as it would be the end of life for me.”

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