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Growing Old Together Love Quotes

When we are young we have many friends and family members that surround us. But as we age and get involved in our daily routine lives, we tend to lose contact with many close buddies.

Our social circle starts shrinking with the process of ageing. As we reach the last stage of life – our old age, we want to spend the little time we are left only with the most loved person of our life. When we fall for someone crazily, we also wish to spend or entire lifetime and grow old with them.

If you have such a person in your life with whom you would wan to spend life’s most difficult phase then dedicate these beautiful “Growing Old Together Love Quotes”. Let your love know how that it is not just a short-term relationship you are looking at but you are targeting to make your relationship a great success till your last stage of life.

  1. “Years will pass by and we will continue to change with these passing years but one thing that will remain constant is my feelings for you even when we grow old. I will love you till the last breath of my life.”

  2. “To a lot of aged people, old age is a curse,
    No less than an agony and painful to continue life
    Without the support of our family and friends
    But I am blessed that it’s a privilege for me
    I have you to grow old with me and
    I know you will never leave my side till I am there.”

  3. “People say that being young will attract many lovers towards you but when you grow old it is just with one most special person you want to spend the rest of your life. I want to grow old with you.”

  4. “If I live to see the last phase of my live then I would want to share it only and only with you and your love.”

  5. “I will keep falling in love with you even when wrinkles will fill your face and fine lines crop up because my love for is eternal. No matter how old you grow, it will always be there for you.”

  6. “True love is not only all about gifting expensive gifts
    Going for romantic candle-lights
    Losing oneself in each other’s eyes
    Spending each day and night curled up in each other’s arms
    But it is also growing up old together and
    To live the difficult moments of life by being side by side.”

  7. “My love does not come with a validity date and it surely will not expire when you hit the old age. But it will continue to be showered on you as long as I am there in this world.”

  8. “I am not scared to face the worst that may come upon me in old age
    Because I know I will always have you beside me to give me courage.
    I want to grow old with you!”

  9. “We may be growing old but I can assure you that my love is getting stronger with our affair growing old.”

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