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Great Love Quotes

Love is the best feeling to have. It is an emotion that fills up our world with happiness, enthusiasm, passion and immense joy. Everything around us becomes bright and interesting when we have the love of a special person in our heart.

The feeling of love changes the world around us totally and makes us be a part of things that we could never imagine ourselves to do. We start doing crazy things that will help us express our love for our special people. One of the ways of expressing our feelings is by sending the special person some great love quotes.

Let words flow to put forth your emotions before your lover. You can write your own love lines to impress your partner with your play of words. In case you are not blessed with the gift of the gab then you can refer to the great love quotes to let your special someone know how deep you feel for him/her.

  1. “Let love be the only feeling that reigns supreme in our relationship to make it succeed.”

  2. “A life without love is like a garden without flowers and fruits.”

  3. “Delve deep within my soul and you will find an ocean of love
    Waiting for you to take a dive in it
    Drench your body in it and let me feel the warmth
    Purify me with your touch and I promise,
    I will take away all your weakness and fill your life with happiness and love.”

  4. “Sometimes, people do or say less but they still manage to make a place for themselves in our empty space called heart. This is to let you know that your sweet little actions and shy words have won my heart.”

  5. “It is your love that I crave for day and night
    Something I want to have all my life
    Promise me that you will never go
    Because even the thought of you leaving my life
    Fill me up with gloom and leave me in strife.”

  6. “The most beautiful moments are the ones that I have spent lying in your arms. Let me be there forever.”

  7. “If I had one wish then it would be just to see you standing beside me always and have your love in my life forever.”

  8. “You have given me courage to ride through turbulent seas,
    Patience and determination to stand tall in every storm
    Offered me support when everyone showed their back to me
    Provided me light when there was darkness all around and
    Gave me love to make life meaningful!”

  9. “I am placing not only my heart but also my trust with you. Hope you will not break both of them.”

  10. “Many people come and leave our life
    But only a few make an impression in our heart
    And you are one among the very few
    I would want to keep you close forever.”

  11. “Life will lose its charm and meaning if I cannot share it with you.”

  12. “Wrap me up in your arms
    Caress me with your touch
    Fill my senses with pleasure
    I am waiting to feel your love.”

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