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Good Night Love Quotes

Life presents us with very few moments when we can spend some love-filled moments with our special person. Night is such a time. After a hectic day, we have only the night left with us to be close to the people we love a lot.

When we get back to our place tired and jaded, our soul finds contentment and our minds get peace by only being in company of our beloved people at night. It is that time of the day when we can ponder over the events and actions of the entire day. Night is also the perfect time to rest our worries and lose ourselves in the thoughts of our loved ones.

You can also let your concerns rest as you go to bed at night and use it for expressing your innermost feelings of love for your special someone. Make the night of your special people more special by wishing them with good night love quotes.

  1. “Night seems longer than the entire day when you do not lie beside me..Come make my night more special by curling me up in your arms and let me there for the whole night.”

  2. “Wishing someone good night does not simply imply that the night goes off well but it is a simple greeting to remind you that your thoughts fill up my mind and soul when I go to bed.”

  3. “When I say my good night prayer, I wish that the angel in my life is always taken good care of and gets an undisturbed sleep.”

  4. “No matter how good, bad or worst your day is, I will always send you a good night message to let you know that my love will always be for you and I would stand tall beside you,”

  5. “After the hectic draws to an end,
    As I curl up on my bed
    I know busy hours are over and it is time to go back to sleep
    But your thoughts do not let my mind rest in peace
    They fill it up with beautiful memories and hopes for the future
    I dream of a wonderful life together ahead
    My heart wishes for nights that will be spent curled up not in bed but
    In each other’s arms till we wake up to begin our day!”

  6. “When our tired eyes fail to keep them open with the onset of the night, let them close and switch off your thoughts and attention to the dreamland where we can both meet. Wish to see you in my dreams tonight.”

  7. “The moon’s light in the night reminds me of your sparkling presence in my life.”

  8. “As you draw the curtain before you go to sleep, just look outside the window of your room,
    You will find stars lighting up the sky and moon gleaming in glazy light
    The moon and the stars are there to protect you
    And guard you through the night. Goodnight!”

  9. “I want to come close to you and take you in my arms
    Want to caress you till the night ends.”

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