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Good Morning Love Quotes and Sayings

Each morning brings with it a new ray of hope and renewed confidence to live us life the way we always desire. We should be thankful to God for making us wake up to another morning and giving us another day to do the undone and say the unspoken words.

Each morning is special in its own ways, while some gives us time to ponder on our actions; some also gives us the chance to look upon the forthcoming moments with hope and courage. Mornings also become more special when we wake up with our loving partner beside us.

If you too are among those who is lucky enough to wake up to a caring and adorable lover each morning then you can dedicate some good morning love quotes for him/her. It is the perfect expression to show our special someone that we feel grateful towards the almighty for blessing our mornings and giving us the chance to spend time with them.

  1. “Everyday, you make me feel complete and this is the reason why I first look for you every morning. The longing to see you every morning is more than the day before.”

  2. “As I awaken each morning, the dreams of you that filled up my last night vanish but the mind and heart fills up with thoughts of you again.”

  3. “When you wake up this morning, you will find four people knowcking at your door. Do not send them back as they are – Happiness, Prosperity, Health and Love. God gifted these four priceless gifts early this morning to me and told to share them with people whom I love the most. I am sharing them with you.”

  4. “You will never know how much blessed and lucky I feel each morning to have the opportunity to wake up and start the day by just being beside you.”

  5. “Greeting someone “Good Morning” does not only mean that we want them to wake up on a positive note but sometimes it also carries a silent message of love in it, implying that we wish that the entire day goes well for them and gives them immense happiness.”

  6. “Let the sun rays that fall upon you each morning remind you that someone thinks about you in a very loving and warm way when they wake up.”

  7. “As soon as my eyes open each morning with the pressing of the snooze button on my alarm clock, your thoughts fill up my mind and does not let me fall back to sleep again.”

  8. “Whether it is a sunny or a dull morning, the sunrays brings with it blessings from God to start another day of struggle with hope, love and courage and make the most of it.”

  9. “When I sleep at night, dreams of you love fill up my senses but when I wake up in the morning and I find you beside me, I know your love is not a dream but reality for me.”

  10. “I do not wish to be alive to wake up to any such morning on which I do not find you next to me.”

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