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God is Writing My Love Story Quotes

It is said that no soul is made single. Whenever God creates a soul, he creates a companion for it – another soul that is born to complement the partner soul. Together they create a perfect harmonious life together, where happiness and love hold supreme.

If you have been part of a love story that did not work out always remember that it was not destined to be a part of your future. God has better plans. He is a great architect and can turn beautiful dreams to reality.

When it is time, you will find yourself in a dream relationship with a dream person and the chemistry would just click making your Love story flawless and perfect.

God is Writing My Love Story Quotes are words that reinstate your faith and firm belief in your relationship and the fact that God always has a better plan for your love story.

  1. "Never compare love stories since God is a script writer who never repeats his tales."

  2. "If you are single, it only means God is taking his own sweet time to carefully draft your love story."

  3. "God takes the trouble of writing your love story so that you can get the pleasure of enjoying the surprises."

  4. "Have faith in God and he will gift you a love story that will even outdo fairytales."

  5. "It is no use worrying or planning to steer your love story since the remote control is always in God’s hands."

  6. "Whenever I think of my dream man/woman, I always find the face blurred. I am waiting for the day when God puts a face and a name to get my love story rolling."

  7. "When you are desperately trying to fix a broken relationship, remember that perhaps God wants you to let it be and create a new one all over again."

  8. "If you are in damsel in distress, disillusioned and losing faith, remember God is training your Prince Charming to deal with your situation and take the burden off you."

  9. "God wants us all to be complete. So he gives each of us a perfect love story where we find another heart that completes our own."

  10. "When God is the writer of your Love Story it will surely see a happy ending. If your love story has an unhappy ending, remember it was not the one that God has destined for you."

  11. "God writes love stories in which the hero and heroine are not judgmental about one another – they accept each other the way they are and work towards creating a complimentary rhythm of life."

  12. "God writes love stories in which forgiveness and understanding are the keys."

  13. "God is always willing to give us a love story that surpasses our expectations. If you are yet to experience it, it is probably because you are yet to open your mind’s eyes."

  14. "They say that the love for God is the greatest. But greater than that is the Love that He sends across your way with His blessings."

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