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Funny Love Quotes: Become a Naughty Lover

Funny Love Quotes have always been entertaining to read. Love has all aspects which include emotion, anger, smile, tears, joy and fun. Like all other aspects, fun in love makes it appear livelier.

There is little bit of fun required in every relationship. So is the case with love too.Sweet funny love quotes have been drawing attention of many people over generations as everyone believes that fun is an important ingredient of life.

Ever wondered how love can be expressed in a funny way? Don't worry. MyDearValentine has an amazing collection of some of the most unique funny love sayings which help you express love in the funniest manner. Read these funny sayings about love and use them to enrich lovely relationships in your life.

Funny Love Quotes for him

  1. "Love is an ocean and I swim deep."
  2. "True love is like boomerang, it always comes towards you and doesn't care about others."
  3. "Don't try to understand a girl completely. If you do, then either you will go mad or you will start loving her."
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Funny Love Quotes for her

  1. "Love is when you decide to sacrifice the looks of admiration in the eyes of many for that in the eyes of one."
  2. "Anyone who tells you that she/he sustained a love relationship without a single fight is a first rate liar."
  3. "Love blurs the differences between a wise man and a foolish one."
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Funny Romantic Quotes on Love

Recite some of these amazingly funny quotes on love to your loved one and watch them smiling with the glitter of your love in their eyes.

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