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Fight for Your Love Quotes

Someone truly said that Love is not for the faint hearted. Even when two people are deeply, madly and sincerely in love with one another, there may be issues arising to create a barrier between the two of them.

Sometimes it can be peer or social pressure. Or you could be a victim of circumstances – like if your love has to go away for a long time for a cause.

Or perhaps your love has decided to call it quits, while you still have deep feelings in your heart. In such situations, it is no good giving up something you built together without a fight. If you believe in it, give it a chance.

Here are some Fight for Your Love Quotes that will be your friend in need when you need the inner strength, courage and stamina to stand by your love and not to lose your ground without a proper fight.

  1. "As long as you are willing to give it a second chance, it is not over – it is foolish to let love pass away without a fight."

  2. "Love is the most powerful momentum existing in the Universe – so just grab your chance to live in Love even if you have to fight for it."

  3. "If you are fainthearted, love is not meant for you. Love is what you should fight for whenever necessary."

  4. "Love is a cause – fight for it – for only then you deserve the fruits of it."

  5. "Every relationship should go through a phase of adjustment – fight for your love even if the grass does not seem to be too green on your side."

  6. "Fight for your love when you find all rays of hope disappearing like illusion – because it is then that your faith will make your Love survive."

  7. "Hold my hands tight always, as I can never fight for our love on my own."

  8. "There’s no love that does not go through fights. A perfect relationship is when you see that there is still a lot of love remaining when the fight is over."

  9. "I neither have the heart to let you go nor the courage to fight for my love to bring you back in my life."

  10. "In love, learn never to give up when you are not wrong, at least never without a fight."

  11. "It is never too late to fight for your love – it is a waste to regret that you gave up without a fight."

  12. "When you learn to value yourself and all that are yours, you find it impossible to let go of something as valuable as love without a fight."

  13. "It feels great that you value someone so much in love that you are ready to even fight for the person."

  14. "If you think that your Love matters to you, simply hold on to it – even if you need to fight for it."

  15. "Fighting for your love is always better than fleeing from your love."

  16. "Relationships are always running into trouble. The important part is how boldly you face the fight to steer your love out of troubled waters."

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