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Feeling Scared To Fall in Love Quotes

Love is an emotion that has many nuances and stirs in all of us a number of emotions of various kinds.

When you feel attracted towards someone, the first thing that bothers you is – Why am I feelings so strongly for him/her? Now this itself is a scary proposition because you think – What if she/he does not feel the same way about me?! Also, people who went through broken relationships hesitate to fall in love again.

In both the cases, fear of rejection and losing fills the mind. But love is a divine feeling which should always be ushered in to our lives whenever possible.

Here are some Feeling Scared To Fall in Love Quotes that will make you understand that you are not alone in it – many others have faced the same – and have overcome it, and so will you, filling your life with the positive power of love.

  1. "People say you need to be brave and courageous to be in love, and this very thought makes me feel scared and vulnerable."

  2. "When you hold someone dearer than your own life it is but natural that you would be scared to lose her/him."

  3. "Being in love and in a perfect relationship is so much like a dream come true that every moment I feel scared that I shall wake up to find it was all only a dream."

  4. "They say two negatives add up to a positive. Every time I feel scared to fall in love, I wish I find another scared heart to unite with mine to make us brave enough to fall in love."

  5. "Although like every other human heart I crave for a happy ending, I feel scared to fall in love just in case the fairytale ends otherwise."

  6. "It is a scary feeling to fall in love unless you are doubly sure that your partner means all that she/he says."

  7. "You say relationships need space. Then you say you need me all the time. Well, combined, it makes falling in love seem to be a scary balancing game."

  8. "It scares me to fall in love because every time I am completely happy, something comes in the way making it change direction."

  9. "Falling in love is a scary and an exhilarating feeling all rolled in one."

  10. "I wonder why they say people “fall” in love – that makes it seem all so scary!"

  11. "I feel scared to fall in love because I wonder if we too shall turn out to be a regular couple doing all the cliché thing others do."

  12. "Love makes Paradise come down to Earth. So open up your heart to welcome the Blessing with all your might. Being scared to fall in love only keeps you away from experiencing Bliss."

  13. "I was always so scared of falling in love, but you made it all such a happy experience."

  14. "Don’t feel scared to fall in love, cause when it is true love your sweetheart will always be there to catch you when you fall."

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