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Doubt My Love Quotes

The world today is sadly losing its faith in true love and loving relationships. Doubt in love, however, actually makes you miss all the wonderful moments that a loving relationship can gift you.

Also, most of the times, it so happens that we punish the present for the acts of the past, because we are scared of our future. If a past relationship did not work does not imply that none else will. Yes you have to be cautious about taking a plunge.

But when you do, it should be whole-hearted – at that time there should be nothing to hold you back. If you are a skeptical person by nature, we urge you to at least give your love the benefit of doubt.

Here are a few quotes on Doubt in Love that will only reconfirm your faith in your relationship and help you to recognize true love and stay with it forever after :

  1. "Doubt in fairytales, prince and princesses; question if stars are made of fire; ponder if the sun truly takes a daily joyride; but never doubt in my love for you."

  2. "Never let people cast an evil shadow of doubt in love – let our relationship proudly be the talk of the town."

  3. "I had doubt in love at first sight – but the moment I set my eyes on you they vanished like magic – your mesmerizing smile and hypnotic eyes made me a firm believer in the fact that love can happen anytime!"

  4. "Doubt in love is a habit that creates a barrier between people. It is a poison that kills relationships. It is a thorn that hurts and never heals."

  5. "Never doubt that you have to be crazy in love – you have to let loose to enjoy the madness in more ways than one."

  6. "Doubt and love never go hand in hand – doubt nips love in the bud."

  7. "Love sometimes makes us doubt things we earnestly believe in."

  8. "Doubt in love is the manifestation of fear that you shall be rejected or hurt by your beloved."

  9. "When doubt clouds your love, give your mate a big hug and a passionate kiss – the loving response will be enough to scare doubt away."

  10. "There is no doubt in love that cannot be solved by intimate sweet nothings. If it fails, then so has your relationship."

  11. "If you doubt in your love, the world will make sure to make it see its end – don’t give them this opportunity."

  12. "There will be many distractions and manipulations to make you doubt in love – all you need is to steady your nerves and hang in there."

  13. "Never pay heed to anything anyone says to make you doubt in love. Just filter the compliments and discard the rest."

  14. "The moment you pass your love through the filter of love, you murder the essence of a perfect relationship."

  15. "When in doubt about any aspect of your love, put yourself through a simple Yes-No litmus test – ask yourself whether the factor will matter in any way twenty years down the line."

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