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Dignity in Love Quotes

Dignity is the measure of self esteem and also the perspective in which others view us – it is what secures us respect. Although there are many thinkers who believe that dignity and love does not go hand in hand, we choose to differ.

No love is complete if it does not command respect. Love sustains only when there is mutual respect and a sense of space that allows the partners to breathe free -- where the dignity or the persona of the other is always held supreme.

To hold your dignity, love yourself first if not foremost. If you don’t respect who you are you will not be able to command it from someone else. A relationship that lacks dignity lacks the fundamentals required for the bonding and diminishes the relationship to an inferior one. Love without dignity is a suffocating one.

Here are some quotable quotes that talk about dignity in love from various perspectives :

  1. "A love that happens not cause there is mutual affinity but because of the cravings of the lonely soul is a love that lacks dignity."

  2. "Love is supreme form of Dignity. The combination of love and dignity is what makes us see the nearest form of Divinity."

  3. "Love teaches us to honor the loved one. Dignity teaches us to honor self. There is no room for clash since the basic principal is the same."

  4. "Love teaches us to surrender ourselves – go ahead, take the plunge – be prepared to give everything for your love, except for your Dignity."

  5. "If a person truly loves you, you shall no more have to care for your dignity the rest of your life – your beloved will hold your dignity in the supreme light."

  6. "Tragedy in romance comes not only from betrayal or compromise – the failure in love comes when we are ready to trade our dignity."

  7. "Never negotiate on dignity. Don’t barter it for anything, not even for love."

  8. "The love that thrives not only on the outer beauty but on the innate strengths of honesty and dignity is a love that will become eternal."

  9. "Even if your love fades away with unanswered questions treat the bygone with dignity – it is okay to mourn but not advisable to turn bitter."

  10. "When you see love thinning in the air, hold on to your dignity – believe in who you are, what you deserve and what your rights are."

  11. "Human heart is scared of isolation. It is only human to crave for intimacy and a touch of human emotion. The sustainability, however, depends upon the acknowledgement of dignity."

  12. "Love that is not sprinkled with a generous ratio of dignity is a love that is incomplete."

  13. "Problem arises when two people in love confuse dignity with power to control. The difference lies in the fact that dignity lets you accept a No with respect."

  14. "The maturity of a loving relationship is proven by the harmony, joy and dignity the relationship enjoys where each partner becomes an inspiration for the other."

  15. "Dignity in love is like perfume that beautifies the relationship in a subtle way."

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