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Depressed Quotes and Sayings

Nothing can be more painful than seeing someone who we really care for, fighting through depression. Make the battle easier for him/ her by being there, when they need you most.

It is not always necessary that you are heard... sometimes even lending a patient ear can make people relieve them of their worries.

There must have been times in your life when you may have felt at your emotional lowest, and a few inspiring words and a hand on your shoulder may have lessened your fears, worries and traumas, a great deal.

Be there for your friend, brother/ sister in their hour of crisis and help them to sail through that 'difficult phase'.

We have compiled for you a whole list of depressed quotes that will enliven your spirits and even that of your depressed friend.

Make up for the times they have lost in this depression with these depressed quotes and do not miss to witness the glow on their face, as they read through the sad quotes and accept the fact that they are not alone.


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