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Cute Falling in Love Quotes

Falling in love is a heady experience that stirs in all of us a whirlwind of emotions. This is the phase when you are at your vulnerable best. Also this is the time when you feel you are always on Cloud Nine, and most eager to impress your lover.

Saying something cute to your beloved or dedicating a sweet message to her/him will always strike the right chord in the heart. And if you feel you are too excited to figure out the right words for the moment, we are here to present before you a bouquet of thoughts as inspiration that are surely to be great hit.

Here are a few Cute Falling in Love Quotes that we think will make you feel all lovey-dovey. You can use them on a greeting card for romantic occasions or just write on a note to turn an ordinary day to an extraordinary one :

  1. "Distance can never separate true love. If you are thinking of someone in your heart and know that the person is thinking about you too, miles simply vanish into thin air."

  2. "Our love story will never find an end – it will stay with us forever after."

  3. "If I ever have to choose between loving you and taking my breaths, I shall choose to love you. Taking you away from me will be like taking my breath away."

  4. "Being in love with you does not make my life simpler or easier, but it definitely makes the journey an interesting one."

  5. "I can ask for nothing more from life or from God since I have already got you."

  6. "Falling in love was like being hit by a tidal wave – something I simply could not control."

  7. "Before I met you I never knew I could simply gaze at someone for no reason, my eyes could light up instantaneously when they met another pair, someone’s words could sound like music to my ears, or I could smile for hours at someone to convey how smitten I am."

  8. "I never understood why they say people ‘fall’ in love till I found myself go head over heels for you."

  9. "In life what matters most is not what you have, but who you have to share it with – I am lucky to have you by my side in my journey of life."

  10. "My love for you will never fade no matter how much adversity it faces to test its durability."

  11. "Love is when you know exactly what is going on in the mind of your significant other even when you are separated by miles."

  12. "I wonder why I have to fall in love when all I feel is a sense of elation that can make me reach for the stars."

  13. "One never knows the meaning of true worship unless one falls in love."

  14. "A heart that can love is one that is never affected by the ravages of time – a heart that is evergreen."

  15. "To love someone is ordinary; to be loved by someone is a blessing; but to love and be loved is simply divine."

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