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Cheesy Love Quotes

When you are in love with the special person in your life, fortunately you can choose one of those many ways to express your feelings to him/her.

Sometimes, you might utter some romantic words to impress him/her or at times, you might feel like being cheesy and cute. The latter can have a magical effect in your relationship because it immediately brings a cute smile in your lover's face.

Doesn't that make you happy as well? Go through the article below to find some of the best cheesy lines for the love of your life and choose the one that suits him/her perfectly!

  1. Don’t fall in the bush, don’t fall in the tree, if you wish to fall, fall in love with me!

  2. Your love seems to me like an alarm clock-it woke my heart  up as till date it was sleeping.

  3. I always hated thieves, but I couldn’t stop myself loving the thief who stole my heart-are you the one?

  4. If you are the moon I want to be the sky, if you are the water, I want to be the ocean, if you are the cheese, I want to be your pizza.

  5. I wish I can be the lipstick on your lips, it always remains attached to your lips and I can’t!

  6. I re-learnt my school physics after I had fallen in love with you-otherwise I thought gravitation was the reason behind every fall!

  7. Before you my life was like bread without a layer of jam on it, now it can be compared to a club sandwich!

  8. If your love is an addiction, I would love to spend my life as a drug addict.

  9. I was about to fight with God for all my imperfections, but he didn’t want so he created you for me-you make my life perfect.

  10. Next time when look at your left, don’t forget to look after my heart with yours as well.

  11. Is your father a baker by profession? Then how come you are so sweet?

  12. Excuse me? Did you see a red colored roundish object nearby you? It could be my heart that I lost the moment I saw you!

  13. If you are with me, I can survive in the moon as well. So what it doesn’t have atmosphere, my oxygen is with me!

  14. I never visited a doctor in my life for any serious disease, are you a doctor-‘cos I am in love!

  15. God created me before you for only one reason-the protector must be there before the most precious diamond gets created.

  16. My astrologer told me I will have 3 kids in life, would you be the mother of all of them?

  17. I will never go for an X-Ray if the bones of my chest breaks, the reports might show up your heart there as well!

  18. You are to me what gears are for cars-without whom, neither me nor my car can move a bit.

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