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Broken Heart Quotes

When your heart breaks, everything almost everything appears so sad that you want to stay alone with some of your loneliness.

Heartbreak is definitely not the end of the world. As life moves on, so shall we. But it is very important to vent out all the sorrow that is there so that you don't walk ahead in life with a heavy heart.

At Mydearvalentine you will find a lot of broken heart love quotes and sayings that help you express the sorrow that you may be going through because of the heartbreak.

Read through these quotes because in such a time what better than sad broken heart love quotes can be your companion?

We are sure that reading these quotes will make you feel much lighter and much better than before.

Broken Hearted Quotes

  1. “ While being in love, there are two requirements, heartbreak and healing. Heartbreaks are instant, but healing takes time” : Unknown

  2. “ A broken heart is a heart that has felt love”: Unknown

  3. “My broken heart will heal after a while. I wish to see you smile forever”

  4. You want me to leave your way right away? If this is what makes you smile, I will do it right away!

  5. A breakup is like a broken mirror. Do not try to fix the broken pieces of glass, you might get hurt badly.

  6. The biggest problem with me is my memory. Even though you left my life long time back. My mind refuses to move on and keeps me the time we spent together.

  7. It isnt the time that fixes broken hearts. It can only be done with the power of true love. Keep the doors open always.

  8. If loving you means neverending quarrels and heartbreaks, i don't care. I am ready to spend my entire life with you on your conditions.

  9. Everybody makes mistakes, i am also one of them. But the biggest mistake i did was falling for you.

  10. Love is nothing but an invitation to let someone break your heart.

Heart Broken Quotes


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