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Break Up Quotes and Sayings

Good break up quotes help you connect with your grief. break up is a time that evokes several emotions and feelings. It's painful to have broken up with someone you loved the most. The joy of being in love can only be understood by the one who is in love.( Also refer to Sad Breakup Quotes )

Similarly, the sorrow of a heart-broken lover can be felt by the one who has actually gone through the pain. break up is painful and the painful break up quotes make us feel comfortable. They are our companion and friends in a time when no one is bothered.( Also refer to Mean Breakup Quotes )

Quotes on Break Up

  1. "Some learnings come at a tremendous cost, for me it was your warm hug."

  2. "How much I may eat , I am always hungry . Looks like no food can substitute love . "

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