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Believing in Love Quotes

Love is the blessing in disguise that God has sent on Earth to fill it up with compassion and emotions making it a better place for man to live in. So it is vitally important to believe in love.

It is what connects human souls. It also teaches us to have faith in fellow beings – to give them the benefit of doubt – to believe that they have our best intentions in mind always unless proven otherwise. When you lose faith in love, realize that you are jaded. At this juncture it is love again that can bring back fresh oxygen to your life.

Believing in love opens up your heart making you at once both a giving and a receptive person. However, your faith should be unreserved and unconditional. It is the condition when you put that other person’s wellbeing before your own, when you feel that you are parts of the same soul.

Here are some quotes that will fire your belief in Love :

  1. "Love is all about the trust and faith that provides the platform on which the relationship finds itself deeply rooted."

  2. "Believe in Love as it makes life magical – it is for no reason people say that nothing is impossible when in love."

  3. "Love is a miracle – it gives the faith and courage to feel two hearts beating as one even when they are miles apart."

  4. "Love is beautiful not because of what it brings you, but because of the small changes you realize you have made in yourself transforming into a much better person."

  5. "Just seeing your smile makes me believe that world is full of people with warm hearts that can hold great amount of love."

  6. "True love makes you sensitive to the well being of your beloved – it is the kind of bonding where you give more priority to your soul mate than your own self."

  7. "Love gives you faith in which your beloved’s smile is your treasure, your mate’s happiness is what you live for."

  8. "True love is what gives you strength to walk all the walks of life in rain or shine when your partner is by your side to hold your hands."

  9. "When in love you feel that both your hearts beat in the same rhythm; that your souls were made to complement each other."

  10. "When love is true and sincere just a glance is sometimes enough to establish the chemistry – as if Cupid is softly whispering in your ears to grab the opportunity to secure the love of your life."

  11. "It is true love when you feel that a simple glance from that person can make you feel charmed and enchanted, and simply make you go head over heels."

  12. "Love is the condition of heart which makes the light of hope flicker making you dream of a bright day even in the darkest hours of night."

  13. "When you calculate in love, one heart plus another does not make two hearts – two hearts join together to form an equation of unison."

  14. "When you are truly loved, you feel you have achieved all the happiness that Universe has to offer you."

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