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Being Inspired For Someone Special Quotes and Sayings

Your apple of the eye is in front of you, and you love just looking at that person. Or maybe it is something the person does that makes you feel special, makes you a better human being?

The best compliments are that, which praise our qualities and not looks. Being inspired for someone special are such quotes which gives your partner and you high regards.

Use these being inspired for some special quotes liberally not just for you apple of the eye, but also in other important relations that you share in life. For sure you will be well thanked!

  1. "Being there for someone in need is one of the most important things to me. No one deserves to feel lonely."

  2. "Being able to be there for someone feels good."

  3. "I'm so sorry for not being there for you.. When you needed someone, the most. At your last time, your breathed."

  4. "Maybe...just maybe i need someone strong to be there for me, instead of being the one who needs to be strong and help others all the time."

  5. "Never thought being there for someone was a bad thing? Oh well life goes on. I'll just keep it moving like it was just nothing."

  6. "God has locked my destiny, and has told me that loving you is the key to unlock it."

  7. "When you kissed me on my lips, in a way you kissed my heart."

  8. "Loving someone can be a bane but being loved by someone is always a boon."

  9. "I was touched by love, the moment your shadow brushed past my face."

  10. "I feel strong, I feel steady, the moment I clutch my palm into yours."

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