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All I Want Is You Quotes and Sayings

All I want is you..If this is what you want to tell your beloved, make use of some wonderful "all i want is you" quotes ad sayings from Mydearvalentine.com.

Each and every word of these "All I want is you" quotes is super sweet as if it was dipped in millions of chocolates which makes them perfect for expressing the innermost feelings in the truest sense.

Browse through our collection and reach out to your sweetheart's heart by dedicating some of these incredibly awesome "All i want is you" quotes.
  1. Cuddling!! i like that shit. i just takes me out from the mode of depression, relieves my anxiety and leaves a long lasting impression.

  2. Thinking about you all day long! Am i addicted to you or its just your way to stay close to me always? Nevertheless, i so love it;)

  3. Trust me, i don't want anything from you right now. Just leave your lips with mine and let them complete our story on a great note!

  4. You are someone who can fill the vacuum of my lonesome nights. I want you to accompany me when days are bright. Whenever i am with you, i just feel right.

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  6. You dont know how jealous i get from the wind, it has all the liberty to mess up and play with your hairs! why don't you let me to do the honors!

  7. You have no idea how lucky i feel to be yours, its the magic of your touch that keeps me far from being obscure. Come, let us get lost in our cute love filled world.

  8. We are much like a shore and tide, no matter how many times we separate, we will keep coming back to each other.

  9. I have not fallen in love with you, i fell in love with your personality. And since then, you mesmerize me effortlessly with your beauty.


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