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Afraid Of Loving Again Quotes

Love involves a lot of emotions – it includes all the various shades of human sentiments. And this includes the positives as well as the negatives. Being in love also brings about the fear of rejection, the fear of losing your loved one. Also if you have faced betrayal at some point in your life, you may be a little jittery in giving your heart to anyone again.

But life is all about moving on. Human mind craves companionship. You should not deny your soul its mate. Giving vent to all your anger, frustration and negativity by expressing them in words may perhaps help to heal your wound and prepare you to live life fully again.

Here are some Afraid Of Loving Again Quotes which you may find interesting as they talk about what is going on in your heart putting your mind at ease and giving you a feeling that you are not alone in it :

  1. "Life is not a mirage, but an oasis. Love that did not stay with you was mirage. The love that lingers will eventually become your shade protecting you from the harshness of life."

  2. "No healing process is without pain and suffering. Wounds of the heart are no exception. But after the suffering comes relief. So look at it as a nightmare and move on."

  3. "If you are scared to let your guards off to let the fresh air of love win you over just for the fear of being hurt or rejected, one day you shall find yourself walking all alone in the path of life."

  4. "If you let your love go and it never came back to you it was not the love that meant to write your love-story. It is foolish to be afraid to let a sincere love take over."

  5. "Just because someone played with your heart doesn’t give you the license to stay away from someone who is ready to offer you sincerity and dedication."

  6. "Living life in emptiness is not the way to live it. It does not do any good to keep the doors and windows closed so that happiness and love cannot take over your life."

  7. "If you are scared to take the first step just because you fear that love hurts, you are pushing away positivity from your life and inviting in negative energy."

  8. "You suffer every minute contemplating whether the love you are being offered is real. Every minute you suffer this way you are losing a minute of your life that could be full of happiness instead."

  9. "No one loves thinking about the results – fall in love just to experience the beauty of it."

  10. "Today’s material world makes us appreciate only what is tangible. When we find ourselves experiencing an intangible emotion like love we feel scared to take the plunge."

  11. "It is a terrifying feeling to make someone else an essential part of your existence – someone so entwined with your life that it feels incomplete in her/his absence."

  12. "God has given us the capacity to love and spread the love – being scared to do it will be in a way going against Nature."

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