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Old Friendship Quotes

Friendships are a very pure relationship. Being friends with someone means that, there is no burden on the mind, there is always a shoulder to cry on and there is joy and happiness all around. Old friends share much of their experiences (both happy and sad) and it alone makes life worthwhile. Old friendship quotes refer to this aspect of a lasting and fruitful relationship.

One should be very grateful if they have been blessed with a friend who has always walked that extra mile for you. "A friend in need is a friend indeed." So, if you have been lucky in this lifetime to have a friend who has always been by your side, then take an opportunity to thank him/her for the wonderful person he/she has been all this while.

Mydearvalentine has a wonderful collection of old frienship quotes which help you express a heartfelt thanks to your dearest and oldest pals. Browse through these quotes and dedicate them to your old and special friends and let them know how special they are for you.

Old Friends Quotes


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