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Quotes about Friendship and Distance

Friends are one of the pillars of life. They play an important role in your happiness, and a life without friends is a sad and lonely affair. Having someone who understands you and respects your emotions is a blessing and hence, it is natural that you want to have them around you.

A situation may arise when you have to stay away from our friends. But the fact is that the distance between the two of you cannot affect your friendship. Long Distance Friendship quotes convey exactly the same feeling one gets when he or she is separated from best friends for some reason.

To help you express your feelings to your friend and tell him that the bond you both share transcends time and space, here are some most perfect quotes on friendship.

Friendship Quotes Distance

  1. Even if the days don’t allow us to meet each other, memories will. If my eyes can’t see you, my heart will never forget you.”
  2. You may be far away, but you are always close to my heart. It’s good that we are far away because we learnt the patience to wait for each other.”

Friends Far Away Quotes

Long Distance Friendship Quotes

Quotes About Long Distance Friendship

Long Distance Friendship Quotes

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