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Fake Friends Quotes

Having true friends is perhaps one of the most important things in life, for your friends are the one who keep you grounded and act like your guide as well as comrade in arms.

So when you do find your true friends you know that this journey called life has become much easier as well as enjoyable. However sometimes people who call themselves our true friends and may look like it, end up being the people who back-stab you and turn out to be fair weathered friends.

If you abhor such people and want quotes that can express your feelings of betrayal that you have met at the hands of people whom you thought were your true friends, then look no further, for we have for you the best fake friend quotes that will put across your feelings perfectly and help you voice your emotions. So just keep scrolling and pick out the quotes that you like the most and relate to you.

  1. "Fake friends are like shadows, they are around when life is at its brightest, but disappear when the darkest hours come around."

  2. "The only way to stand out and be different, is to not try to fit in, I know one thing for sure that I’d rather have a square to myself than a circle of fake friends around me."

Bad Friends Quotes

  1. "It is thought that being alone can make you feel lonely, but that is not true. The fact remains that if you’re surrounded by the wrong sort of people, that is perhaps the thing that can make you feel the loneliest in the world."

  2. "Bad friends are the kind who do not care one bit about what is inside of you, for they are satisfied by how you look on the outside, and that's what affects them the most."

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