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Ending Friendship Quotes and Sayings

The end of any relationship is something that brings with it some bittersweet memories, and makes it quite difficult to move on in life. When it comes to ending friendships, the pain is much deeper, as a friend is someone who knows us inside out and has seen most of life and its ups and downs with us.

So, when you are letting go of something that you once cherished and held so dear, something that you thought would last forever, it is understandable to want to express your emotions and the hurt you feel.

To help you alleviate the pain and unburden your heart, we have for you a collection of Ending Friendship Quotes that will help you express your innermost thoughts and feelings. Take a look through the quotes and feel a soothing calm take over you as the words bring out your true pain, help you heal and move on.

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Quotes about Ending Friendship

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