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Birthday Invitation Quotes & Sayings

Birthday invitations are one of the most awaited invitations in a year. These invitations give you an excuse to plan for a fun filled day at the birthday celebrations. Birthday invitation sayings are means to attract guests to your wonderful birthday celebrations.

Whether it's a child's birthday or adult's, these lovely birthday sayings give an idea of what to expect at the celebrations. Birthday invitation sayings are the short and crisp way of inviting your near and dear ones to your celebrations.

By choosing some of the simple yet interesting sayings, you can invite your loved ones to be a part of your lovely function. Some of the birthday invitation sayings include:

  1. "Our little prince is turning one, we hope you can join us to have some fun!"

  2. "Spring has come, Bees are buzzing, We have planned a birthday party And we are sure that you are coming!!"

  3. "It's been a very exciting year full of joy, love and fun. We hope you'll celebrate with us as our little girl turns one!"


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