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Famous Love Quotes about Romance & Relationship

Whether you want to revive the old feelings or you just can't stop thinking about the girl you met last week, it helps to have something nice to say to that special person. Since everyone is not gifted with a creative streak of mind and can flirt with words to express their feelings, the wise thing to do is to get inspired from the famous love quotes and quotes about romance that can help you impress your beloved.

Here are some amazing quotes on love and romance that can strike a chord with your beloved. Watch the magic these beautiful quotes can work when you dedicate them to him/her and see the glint in their eyes.

If you consider these romantic quotes as a wonderful way to convey your thoughts, then choose from this refined collection of interesting love, romance and friendship quotes.

Love Quotes

Love Quote is a great way to delight your lover. There are times when you fall short of words in expressing your love, at that time love quotes come to your rescue.

Let the quotes do the talk of love. At mydearvalentine.com, you get plethora of interesting love quotes for him and her. Have a look:
  1. Love is one of best and most beautiful things in this world that cannot be seen or even heard. It must be felt with the heart.
  2. "The first time I looked upon you, I blushed and your look of love still makes me go red in the cheeks...It's the way you make me feel that I still love the most."
  3. Blossom your love life through such remarkably expressive love quotes.

Romance Quotes

Romantic quotes at mydearvalentine help to intensify your romantic life. Exclusive collection of romance quotes makes easier to initiate love play with your partner. Speak your heart through the quotes that will be remembered lifelong by your partner,
  1. Your love has taught me ecstasy and it is with great joy I can say that my life is out of its miseries. You deserve me my love.
  2. "When I feel your touch, my knees go weak, and when you say you love me, my whole body goes weak because of the love I have for you too."
  3. Such romantic quotes invoke the sensations of love and romance. A lot can happen when feelings get mingled with words. Light up romantic feelings in your partner by speaking out some pleasing romance quotes.

Relationship Quotes

Relationships need constant attention and care. Expression of love is must to make a relationship last long. Relationship quotes at mydearvalentine help you speak out sentiments and love. When you are struggling to rekindle the old feelings in your relationship, these quotes can be of great help:
  1. I owe you every moment of my life. I owe you unshaken allegiance to stay with you all my life. I can't give you less, because you deserve the best. I love you.
  2. “In a relationship each person should support the other; they should lift each other up.” - Taylor Swift
  3. Browse through interesting hand-picked relationship quotes and impress your partner by expressing in a fashionable manner.

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