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How to write a Love Proposal

When the mammoth task of proposing your beloved comes, several lovers go weak in the knees. After all this is the ultimate moment in your life. It has to be full of splendor and magnificence, love and coziness. This moment can shape your life forever. The task of writing proposal is not a child's play. It is as difficult and as enormous as building the Taj Mahal for your beloved.

Realizing the gravity of the moment, we help you ease it out with a few suggestions and tips on writing 'THE' proposal. A love proposal can be written through various mediums. One can propose through :

  1. Love poem
  2. Love letter
  3. Love notes
  4. Via Internet, etc

These are just a handful but fairly common way to write love proposals.


The most important elements in writing the proposal are true love and true feelings. The biggest challenge lies in pouring down all your feelings and thoughts in the piece of writing. It is supposed to mirror your true emotions and at the same time succeed in making the beautiful love proposal. All one has to do is to sit in tranquility and recollect the beautiful moments spend together.

Poetry is a beautiful way to express your romantic emotions. They express the music and lyrics of your soul in the most exquisite manner. Proposing your beloved through a piece of poem can be very touching and highly romantic. The rhyming tune of the emotional words can bring tears in one's eyes. Please see our Love Poems section for more ideas. Find your suitable poem and mould it according to your thoughts and emotions.

Love letters are the eternal way of proposing to your love. Since times immemorial, lovers have sneaked letters for their beloved and expressed the deepest feelings of the heart. Ever since the art of writing was developed, men and women have sorted to send letters to each other and profess their sweet feelings. Our love poems section will fill your heart with naughty, cute and sweet ideas to propose your love.

Love notes are short, cute and succinct way to tell the one how you feel about them. These notes keep up with the fast moving spirit of the age and yet manage to capture the passionate and tender feelings of the lover. View our love notes in Love Point section and explore the fantastical way to write your love proposal.

Internet too has fast become a favorite method of writing for the lovers. The World Wide Web provides tremendous opportunities through e-mails, blogs, chats and websites etc. The electronic medium is the mantra of the age. View our cyber love section to find tips on how to propose your dream guy or girl via the net.

May what the medium is bottom line remains that written words can be as beautiful and probably more organized and more expressive then spoken words. Write the words of love to your beloved. Let them know how special they are and how they have enthralled your mind. Write the woman/man of your dreams the most exquisite love proposal and take their breath away.

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