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Unique Marriage Proposal Ideas

The time has come to pamper your darling with a unique marriage proposal. Let your efforts pay off after you choose to woo your darling in a different way.


How you propose you’re beloved does make a difference. It is the most blessed occasion and thus it needs to be special in every way. Unique marriage proposals will only add to this specialty of the occasion and help you create memories to be cherished for ever.


Unique Marriage Proposals


There is so much to do while proposing your beloved that you may often get lost. Plan well and do not worry as we have the right kind of ideas to create unique marriage proposals. Take a look at the selected ones that will leave your sweetheart mesmerized.

Underwater marriage proposal

If you and your loved one are fond of adventure, so be it. Propose your sweetheart during the underwater diving camp. Dive together to the colorful sea world. On reaching a beautiful spot, bring the ring out carefully in front of your beloved. Propose marriage to your loved one in this unique way and let the creatures’ witness this blessed moment and rejoice in your happiness.

Glow your marriage proposal

It may sound childish but where’s the harm. Cut out glow stickers with the golden words that pose the question “will you marry me”? You can also fill the ceiling of the room with glow stars, lined up in the pattern that says “will you marry me”. Let your beloved enter into the dark room that has the special words glowing in dark. You can also have a glow box with the ring. Let the room be lighted with just the glow of the words. Propose your sweetheart with the ring.

Rain your proposal

If it’s raining and you are still looking for proposal ideas, think again. The rain has already created the right atmosphere for a proposing marriage to your significant someone. On the rainy day go out with your sweetheart. Forget the umbrellas at home and get drenched together. Jump in the puddles like kids together. Pretend to pick up something from the puddle and hold it out your beloved. Yes! It’s the ring. Hold it to your dear and say “will you marry me”.

Propose on the Valentine’s Day

What better than the Lover’s Day for a moment as special and unique as this. Get loads of kids to help you propose you’re beloved on the day for lovers. During the day let a kid carry your love message along with a small gift to your dear one. At the end of the day when she is expecting it all to be a Valentine’s Day special stunt, propose her in the most traditional way.

Pets to propose

Pets are adorable and if your sweetheart is fond of them, you just have the idea to propose. You can train the pet and make it say “will you marry me”; for eg a parrot or make a pet carry your message to your dear one. This will require few days of hard work as you will have to train the pet to perfection. On the main day, let the cute creatures carry the message to your beloved and propose her from your side. Just when she is recovering from the surprise, you can appear and hold the ring out to her.

Propose at the airport

She will not be expecting this kind of marriage proposal and is sure to get surprised. Visit the airport with your and her dear friends. Give them each a board with the words “will you marry” written on them. Let the boards be big enough to be visible from far. You on the other hand, will carry the board that says “me”. Stand in a way that the words line up into “will you marry me”. This is one of the most unique marriage proposals to give out to your loved one.

Get it aired on radio

If she is fond of a particular radio channel and listens to a particular program, you know how to propose your lady love. Contact the radio station and let the RJ describe your love for her. At the end of it you come on air and propose marriage to your beloved. Tell her how much you love her and what she means to you. Ask her to be your wife and dedicate a song like “Spend My Life with You” by Erec Bennet and Tamia.

Series leading to the proposal

Another unique way of proposing marriage to your special someone is by leading her with a series of cues to the golden words. You can start by sticking paper chits near her bed, on the bathroom, on the dining table and on the shoe rack. Each of the chits will carry love messages and a clue leading to the next message. At the end, the last clue will take her to the chapel or church, where a ring will be waiting for her at the religious place. After she has discovered the ring, you can now appear and make your promises before proposing marriage to her.

Your sweetheart is sure to get bowled over by such unique marriage proposals. A “Yes” is just inevitable.

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